John Crohn, Ph.D.

Jewish Marriage and Family Issues

Jewish and interfaith relationships face many of the same challenges that affect all marriages in today’s world. The Jewish family, which a generation ago had a well-earned reputation for stability, has now become distressingly “normal.” Between one-third and one half of all new Jewish marriages will end in divorce. One-third of Jewish children will have to deal with the pain and confusion of their family coming apart. And many couples who don’t divorce have less than satisfying relationships.

If you are in a Jewish or interfaith relationship, preparing for marriage, dealing with parenting conflicts, problems with intimacy, or extended family issues, it is important to get the help you need. I have worked and consulted with Jewish families and the Jewish community for over thirty years. I am the lead author of Beyond the Chuppah: A Jewish Guide to Happy Marriages, a book based on the best-selling Fighting for Your Marriage and the PREP® approach to marriage education.

I would be glad to speak with you about your concerns.