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Joel Crohn, Ph.D.

Navigating Life Changes

“Throughout my career I have found myself working with people in transition. The kinds of issues my clients bring to my office inevitably have to do with change: preparation for marriage, dealing with the birth of a child, parenting struggles with children who have mysteriously transformed into adolescents, divorce, illness, or the death of loved ones. Each of these situations calls for adaptability and creativity in dealing with new and difficult emotional terrain.”

Joel Crohn, Ph.D., a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley and the Wright Institute, Berkeley, is a licensed clinical psychologist (PSY5735) specializing in couples and family therapy. Dr. Crohn has researched, written, and lectured nationally for mental health professionals and general audiences about cross-cultural issues in love and work for over 30 years. He is also an assistant clinical professor in the Department of Family Medicine at the UCLA School of Medicine.

Intermarriage: The Quiet Revolution

A quiet revolution has swept the world as millions of couples have defied ancient taboos to form intimate relationships with partners from other cultural, religious, and racial backgrounds. Like all couples, they work to understand one another and to create happy marriages. (read more)

Couples Therapy

Your relationship is important to you. It is important to us, too. Coming to a therapist can not only save your relationship, it can help it thrive. Find happiness and grow your love deeper through effective and proven conflict resolution and intimacy deepening skills with a therapist specializing in couples counseling and psychotherapy.

Jewish Marriage and Family Issues

Jewish and interfaith relationships face many of the same challenges that affect all marriages in today’s world. The Jewish family, which a generation ago had a well-earned reputation for stability, has now become distressingly “normal.” Between one-third and one half of all new Jewish marriages will end in divorce. One-third of Jewish children will have to deal with the pain and confusion of their family coming apart. And many couples who don’t divorce have less than satisfying relationships. (read more)

Effective Parenting and Family Therapy

We live in an era of insecure parents who frantically try to provide their children with “the best of everything.” They are deeply troubled when more and more of their children are angry, depressed, out of control, or “unmotivated. Mothers and fathers argue about limiting their children’s use of video games and social media. They wonder how to get their kids “off the screen,” to help around the house, or go outside and play. (read more)

“This important book combines modern social-scientific research and traditional Jewish wisdom to help couples resurrect the buried promises of friendship and responsibility, and the joy of love.”

Rabbi Harold M. Schulweis
Author of For Those Who Can’t Believe

“An excellent resource for partners who are seeking to understand the blend of their two cultures…I highly recommend this book.”

Alvin F. Poussaint, M.D.
Clinical Professor of Psychiatry
Harvard Medical School.


University of California, Berkeley
BA in Psychology, (1968)

Wright Institute, Berkeley
Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology (1976)

Professional Experience

Clinical TMS Society
Clinical Standards Committee Member

Marin County Psychological Association
Past President

UCLA School of Medicine, Northridge Family Medicine Residency Program
Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Family Medicine


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